Pave the Way to a Beautiful Outdoor Space With the Help of Our Asphalt Paving Contractor

Evans Paving Enterprise is a local contractor in Stamford, CT that specializes in providing professional asphalt paving services to the local community at very reasonable and fair prices. Equipped with advanced tools, professional gear, and cutting-edge machinery, we give results that go above expectations. Keep reading this article to find out what our professional asphalt paving contractor can do for you.

New Constructionasphalt repairing procedure

Our specialists will work with you to develop a layout and plan for completing your new construction project to be within the limits of your schedule. From the planning stage to the final touches, our team will oversee each step to ensure you receive the finest quality services possible. You can count on us to keep the costs low without sacrificing on quality. Regardless of the size and complexity of the job, turn to our asphalt paving contractor and be amazed by the outcome of your project.


If you want to expand or replace a section of the asphalt surface around your property, our experts will get the job done. Some older surfaces can be easily repaired, but if your asphalt is in disrepair, we suggest you replace it. Whether it is a parking lot, a roadway, blacktop surfaces, or any other asphalt construction, we have got you covered. We will plan the replacement project so it will minimize any traffic delays.


Our team of paving specialists tackle big residential and public road projects with precision and great attention to detail. We have the skills and tools to finish large projects in and around the Stamford, CT area quickly and in a cost-efficient manner. We have teams who can tackle smaller projects for associations, privately owned roads, and large driveways.

Parking Lots

All of our paving, signage, and striping is compliant with the local codes. We will work with you to design standards to make sure your parking lot is safe and efficiently designed. From storefronts, shopping centers, schools, and apartment complexes, we have options for you. Our projects are always executed in stages so you do not have to shut down your business while our asphalt paving contractor in Stamford, CT works.

Call us at (203) 433-7951 to learn what else Evans Paving Enterprise can provide for you. We will be happy to answer all questions you have and book you an appointment for a consultation.


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