Considerations When Hiring a Paving Contractor

Is your driveway damaged and needing repair? Are you planning to install stamps on your concrete walkway? You should hire a paving contractor for such projects. It can be overwhelming to select the right paving company. Thus, you should take the following considerations before hiring one:Paving Contractor in Stamford, CT

1. Credentials
It is important that you work with a licensed, certified contractor. Thus, you should always ask proof of the contractor’s credentials. These can be licenses, certifications, and even their office address. For verification, have these checked by your local business organization. They can provide more contractor information like track records and ratings.

2. Specialization
You should also work with a contractor that is capable for your project. Having one can provide proper project solutions for quality results. Take the time to know about the contractor’s services, equipment, and techniques. A good contractor lets you understand how they do their work.

3. Insurance
Concrete work can have potential accidents, even with experienced contractors. Thus, you should ask and avail of contractor insurances. An insured, bonded contractor can cover project damage and worker injuries. This can give you peace of mind knowing your finances are safe in case of such issues.

4. Reputation
A reliable contractor should have a solid work reputation from their clients. Besides expertise, they must also be respectful and responsive in their communication. This is the type of contractor you should have for your paving project.

5. Estimates
When meeting a contractor for their estimate, you should expect a well-written document. Never settle for verbal estimates or those written at the back of a calling card. Consider getting at least three different estimates to compare their rates.

Are you looking for a paving contractor who meets the considerations above? Then hire Evans Paving Enterprise for your driveway and patio projects. They are a paving company in Stamford, CT who does work for residential and commercial properties. You can give them a call at (203) 433-7951 for appointments and further service inquiries.


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