About Our Reliable Paving and Masonry Service

Thinking of building a brick wall to secure your property? Or wanting to fill in the cracks of your damaged pathway paving? Then you should hire us at Evans Paving Enterprise for your paving and masonry needs in Stamford, CT. We have constructed various pavements across the city for years. Learn more about some of the paving and masonry services we offer below:


Asphalt Paving

If you have a driveway paving or a parking lot paving project in mind, then let us be a part of it. When you hire us, you can expect quality paving results. We make sure to plan and measure the project site, so we can apply the right amount of high-quality asphalt material. We also use professional-grade equipment to achieve effective paving work results.


Masonry Work

You can also count on us for your brick and chimney masonry projects. We always suggest high-quality masonry materials suitable for your project needs. We make sure to follow your design plan, along with local building codes. And we build your masonry structures in a precise manner for long-lasting quality.


Wall Construction

We can build solid walls made of brick, stone, or other materials. We can work with any wall thickness and height while following industry regulations. Throughout the construction, we always perform the proper safety protocols, so we can prevent project accidents while completing your projects.

Patio Construction

You can also hire us to construct your patios with remarkable quality. We always use the best patio materials throughout our work. You can expect us to build your ideal patio using top-grade tools and products, and we always pay attention to your design plans for exceptional construction quality.

You can rely on us at Evans Paving Enterprise for professional paving and brick masonry work in Stamford, CT. Residential and commercial clients residing in can also avail our dependable services. For paving or masonry schedules and inquiries, call us right now at (203) 433-7951.


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